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Aug 9, 2019 11:00:00 AM / by Curtis Wadsworth, Founder, CEO

We are in a transition here at DorothyAI, as we move from a company that creates software solutions to a company that sells software solutions. Actually, we’re a company that sells the software solutions it is still creating. I don’t know if that is a “transition.” In any case, we’ve spent this week looking at feedback from our previewers and setting our goals for the future.

Stay tuned because, boy howdy, we have some good stuff in the pipeline!

sourceNo board members were injured as a result of these announcements... although Jack had to "rest."  

We are reinventing the way freedom-to-operate (FTO) searches are done. We’re experimenting with ways to index claims and claim language, teaching Dorothy to understand transitional phrases and weigh claim elements, finding ways to search ranges, and applying different search models to claim specific searches. In other words, we’re starting from scratch and building an FTO specific search engine from the ground up that will allow my FTO opinion writing friends to finally sleep at night.

But that’s not all, we’re also be revolutionizing the way attorneys and clients communicate. You don’t become friends with your clients without a healthy dose of communication. Successful attorneys talk with their clients. At DorothyAI, we understand this. So, we’re going to make communicating with your clients (and communicating with your attorney) easy, without relying on email or text messaging. I want this feature right now!

We’re adding a shockingly smart developer in September to help bring these plans to fruition and we’re looking for the right engineer to help keep everything together. There’s a lot of great ideas flowing through our tiny office, and there’ll be plenty more in the future.

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